I don’t wanna pray Lord

I don’t wanna pray

I don’t wanna pray because I feel like I’m no good

But they tell me all the time that that’s the reason why I should

I don’t wanna pray because I’ve seen some lives get changed

And I’m too old and I’m too tired for ‘behaviors’ rearranged

But most of all I love my flaws, my vice excess and ‘sin’

To give that up is too much pain,

My problem lies within.

Now,  I’m not bad to people

And I have done good deeds 

I stand beside the golden rule, 

I’ve helped the folks in need

But I don’t wanna pray, Lord

I don’t wanna pray

Because I love my flaws, I love my vice 

can’t see them go away.

And I hate that I feel this way

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