If you find a turtle (broken or not) on the road that needs help

If you find a turtle (broken or not) on the road that needs help, for example a subdivision on both sides and a shopping center across the street, bring it here and I’ll relocate it. If it’s just crossing the road, put it off on the side of the road that looks safest. I repeat: DO NOT PUT THE TURTLE IN THE CHURCH PARKING LOT or a CONSTRUCTION SITE just BECAUSE THAT IS THE DIRECTION IT WAS CROSSING THE ROAD. (Yes, I read the National Geographic article, but it’s being interpreted literally.) Turtles are in the road to breed, lay eggs or OFTEN to escape from environmental trouble.

If the turtle is broken, but it’s alive, I’ll try to fix it. If I fail, I will put it down humanely. If I succeed it may join a rehab colony or be released in North or South Georgia. But not into some “Mower-palooza” hahaha.

There are three conditions: I don’t give the turtle back. There is no cost. I forget the third condition. Oh well. Wait.. Condition three: Yes, I almost never retrieve turtles. You need to bring it here. Last year I came and got ONE turtle because it was too heavy for practically anyone to pick up (48 pounds emaciated) and was in a 2.5ft deep hole. 3100 Roswell Road Suite #113 Marietta GA or call 770.977.5377 they’ll say “He doesn’t treat turtles” because I don’t professionally treat turtles.

But FIXING BROKEN NATIVE SPECIES WILDLIFE, yes, why yes I do. And thanks very much for your kind attention.

I hope you win the lottery which is a lot nicer to wish you, than just “Have a nice day.” But you can do that too.

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